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NewsTitle:Pest Guard Offer You Pestguard Product & Equipment.
To protect your residence, office, factory, hotel, school, and other valuable establishment from insects, Please call us immediately.

We provide pest control service to protect your property.
Our Services:
Termite Control (Pre-construction building)
Termite Control (Post- construction building)
Household Pest Control Service.
Industrial Pest Control Service.
Rodent Control Service.
Other Crawling pest
Termite Control Service:
a) Pre- Construction Termite Control
b) Post- Construction Termite Control
Pre- Construction Termite Control
Pre Construction Termite: When applied during the construction, it may protect the building from termite infestation at lest for 15 years. Before “brick soling” stage pesticide applied in the floor bed, this stage call “floor treatment”. After complete the full building construction work “soil barrier: is also created around the building. Pre-construction termite- proofing is a necessity in a termite- prone tropical country like Bangladesh.
Post- Construction Termite Control
Post- Construction Termite Control : Termite infestation in existing building can be completely eradicated. Pesticide with long residual action is injected through the drill-holes made at the infested areas of the building. At the early stage of the infestation, door, window, wall cabinet, ceiling box, false ceiling, etc are infested. In the ground floor pesticide is injected along the wall-floor joint.
Household Pest Control:
Cockroaches can spread germs, make allergies worse and multiply at record breaking speed. Cockroaches, flies, ants, centipede etc. are the most common pest found in homes in Bangladesh. To keep homes free of these harmful pest, spraying service on a routine basis from professional pest control firm is required.

Our Pest Control Technicians are trained to apply the pesticide at correct dose and in the safest possible manner. The sprayings we apply are effective. The pesticides we use are safe for people, pets and plants.
Rodent Control :
Rodents are notorious pests of field crops and stored grains. In addition to agricultural losses, rodents also pose health hazards to humans and cause structural damage in households, offices, warehouses, etc.
Furniture Treatment:
Furniture beetle, powder- post beetle and other species attack wooden furniture and decoration pieces, wooden floors, panels, etc. presence of yellowish powdery substance is the sign of powder post beetle infestation. Sometimes there may be a characteristic sound form the woodworm infested furniture.


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